HOW TO PACK TO TRAVEL LIGHT- With Convenient Travel Items


Have you ever wondered what ways you can pack to travel more light?  Believe we all have at one point in time.  Regardless if we often travel or not, business or leisure.  We do take so much time packing and sometimes stress about it.

Most people still end up trying to come up with so many ways to rearrange their luggage and make their trip simple and easy.  It’s not just about packing light but always having the right system and convenient travel items to make your travel more simple.

Well here’s just the BASICS……….

HOW TO PACK A LUGGAGE EFFICIENTLY- With a Simple Travel Packing List

In order to pack your luggage efficiently, you should always start with a simple list to go by.  This will help ensure you have everything you need or want for your trip.  Prioritize your list by having the needed items on the top of your list and the wanted items at the bottom of your list.

Your needed items are important and should be your essentials.  Your wanted items are just probably some extras you want to take along with you but not so important but can try to make space at the end.  This will also give you a visual of all the items that you will be packing and taking along for your travels.

HOW TO PACK NEATLY- For Extra Luggage Space

There are a few ways you can pack neatly, so you have a little extra luggage space.  Some clothes are better off rolling, such as any soft clothing like t-shirts, underwear, cotton pants (PJ’s).  Jeans might not be considered soft but you can actually roll them up and they won’t wrinkle.  Any clothing items that are stiff, you should just fold them, such as blazers, dress pants or any starchy clothing.

Once you have those rolled or folded, you would want to pack your rolled clothing items on the bottom of your luggage and to one side of your luggage.  On the other half side of the luggage, place your folded clothes by stacking them.  Anything you likely need right away when you get to your travel destination, make sure to place them on the top of your luggage for an easy grab.


Having a convenient traveling system will help your packing conundrum.  It’ll keep you organized and less stressed.

  • start making a list for what to pack
  • gather all your items on your packing list in one area of your room and check it off your list as you go
  • roll and fold your clothes
  • start putting certain items in different sections of your luggage
  • double check your packing list to make sure you have everything you need and want to bring and add another check mark to your list to ensure accuracy


Going beyond your original packing journey to make packing even simpler. Having convenient travel products will save you much space and stay more organized and easy to navigate around your luggage.

-Here’s the best accessories that will help you for easy packing. 

  • baggage butler all-in-one or packing cubes
  • toiletry bag with hooks and pockets
  • jewelry bag organizer
  • electronic and cords bag organizer
  • travel shoe bag
  • travel laundry bag
  • undergarments bag organizer
  • travel passport wallet and documents organizer
  • makeup bag organizer

*This will give you a better visual and ideas of the items above and why it’s great to have.

-Here’s additional products to add to your packing list in case you run into unexpected situations at your destination that you might not have there.  These gadgets will come handy.

  • Multiple Outlet Cube (all-in-one)
  • Foreign Electrical Adapters
  • Mini Travel Steamer
  • Steam Clip
  • Mini Travel Humidifier
  • Ear Plugs
  • Sleep Mask
  • Neck Pillow
  • Traveling Pack and Play (for the little ones)
  • Amazon Fire Stick


Many people struggle with packing, especially over packing.  It becomes stressful and you might forget some items you really need during your travels.  If you make a list, keep different items organized and pack them separately in the packing cubes, it will be less stressful.

At this point you know your clothes is in one cube, your shoe is in the shoe bag, your make-up are in a make-up organizer bag and not just some plastic bags and the list goes on. It seems like a lot of extra bags going into a luggage but you’re still packing light and more neatly because it’s organized and your luggage is not over stuffed and bulky.

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