Have you ever traveled and forgotten the most important items to take with you or had a hard time trying to find the most convenient travel gadgets and accessories? Regardless if you are traveling for business or leisure, there are gadgets that will make your traveling convenient, easier and lighter for your next trip.

Traveling so much or so less, sometimes we all forget something small and simple to take along with us. Some of us tend to over pack and get overwhelmed by trying to keep our luggage organized. Do you ever get nervous when TSA has to check your luggage and it’s so full or unorganized and maybe at times you put certain items in between clothes to keep it in place but then TSA has to check through your luggage?

Well some people do get the anxiety feeling of their clothes or items falling out of their luggage after TSA goes through it or throwing it over the belt line and then it becomes a mess because your luggage is stuffed up. You can’t even have a lock on your luggage nowadays because of the TSA check.

Here’s a list of the best travel accessory items to keep you organized for your trip, along with the best traveling gadgets you should take with you to prepare for the unexpected stays. Let’s keep your travels simple and on the go!


1.  Travel Baggage Butler All-In-One- Tired of loading and unloading your clothes and other items?  With this baggage butler all-in-one, it’s so easy and simple as you can keep your items separate and organized in different cubicles/ shelves in your luggage and during your travel stays.

Once you get to your destination, you can pull the baggage butler right out of your luggage and hang it on to a rack right away or in the closet (it has hooks), instead of you needing to take out your clothes and putting them into the hotel drawers.

Easy, simple and convenient, saves you plenty of time!

2.  Travel Packing Cubes- Tired of digging through your luggage after you packed and stuffed up the luggage and then realized you need something from it?  Well this multiple cube organizers is easy to remove from your luggage as you pack certain items you want in different cubicle bags.  It stays organized in your luggage and has a clear viewing, so you can see what you packed in different cubicles.

If you ever need to grab something out, you can remove just that one cubicle and carry separately or easy to take out and put back in your luggage if you ever need to and not rampage through everything in your luggage to find what you are looking for.
EzPacking Cubes

No worries about over stuffing and digging through your luggage and your clothes get all out of place.  Each packing cube also has a zipper, so no need to have anxiety that your items may be falling out.  It’ll fall out in cubes, if ever, but less worrying about your clothes falling out everywhere and causing an embarrassment or headache.

The best place to start for your first travel packing cubes is at EzPacking for their COMPLETE cubicle bundle and it also includes travel shoe bags, folding boards set and a travel laundry bag!
50 Different Ways on How to Use Packing Cubes.
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EzPacking Cubes

3.  Travel Electronics and Cord Bag-
Do you ever find yourself digging for your headphone or charger in your bag and its tangled up together?  This all-in-one bag for your small electronics, memory cards and cords is to help you stay organized without them cluttered or tangled up. 

This bag will help you organize if you have multiple cell phones, memory cards, small headphones with cords, iPad/ tablets and those multiple charging cords that we seem to roll up but still get tangled somehow or it just gets out of place when trying to dig in your bag.

Electronic and Cords OrganizerElectronic and Cord Organizer

4.  Travel Toiletry Bag- What’s a better way to organize your toiletry items?  Most people pack it in and out of Ziploc bags but if something spills, leaks, rip, then now you end up throwing it away and need a new bag.  What if you don’t have extra bags with you?  It’s pointless to buy more during your trip.

Save yourself the hassle and get a toiletry bag specifically for traveling.  Multiple pockets, slots, zippered pockets and that has a hook.  With the toiletry bag and it’s hook, it’s so convenient to just hang it on the towel rack for your convenience at your hotel bathroom or wherever you’re staying at.  You just take things in and out of it and no need to take up space on the bathroom sink counter.  It’s also easy to wipe clean of any spills, if any and no leakage out the bag.

BOACAY is water resistant, so many accessible pockets (inside and out), durable bag/ hook, elastic bands, durable metal zippers, and easy to fold away for storage! 

Travel Toiletry BagTravel Toiletry BagTravel Toiletry Bag


5.  Travel Makeup Organizers- Have a hard timing trying to organize your makeup on the go or for any travels and feel like you have organized them but still unsatisfied of how it’s organized? Have you put them in a Ziploc and think it’s organized enough but still have to dig through the small and big makeup items? Well some people do.  You want to bring most of your makeup but then feel like you need to bring less, so it doesn’t take up so much space in your luggage.

The makeup organizer bag is not just a bag where you throw all your necessary makeup items in. You can adjust the block size space inside the bag accordingly, so you can keep certain makeup items separate in each block inside the bag, so they not roll around each other, all squish in one bag or have to rampage through all your makeup items when you need to grab something. It will save you space to have your makeup all in one bag cleanly organized vs 3-4-5 separate bags for different makeup items.


6.  Travel Passport Wallet and Documents Organizer- Have you ever stuff your ID, passport, boarding pass and money in different clothing pockets or the same pockets, purse or other traveling bags and go to pull one thing out and everything falls out and you don’t notice it?  Do you find yourself scrambling to get just one thing out in a timely matter without things falling out everywhere? 

The travel passport wallet organizer is a must have to keep important on hand documents organized while you’re traveling. Multiple pockets to hold your ID’s, cards, passport, a pen, money and boarding pass all-in-one.

Keeps your documents separate and easy to take in and out of the wallet. Have a neck strap for easy access because it’s all in front of you and you not have to dig through your pockets or purse or any other traveling bag and it has a zipper, so nothing slips out. Flexible, waterproof, spacious, convenient and simple for traveling.

7.  Travel Shoe Bags- Don’t put worn shoes in your luggage next to clean clothes or have new shoes squished in your luggage or bag. Travel shoe bags are made sturdy, spacious for up to a size 13/14 in shoe sizes, and waterproof to keep your shoes organized and debris free in your luggage or bag.

Packing shoes now have been made easy and for hygienic purposes with these shoe bags. Don’t ruin your nice, clean clothes or nice luggage!

8.  Travel Jewelry Organizers- Here’s for the jewel lovers! What better way can you pack all the jewelry or accessories with you on your trip? The Best thing to have is this travel jewelry organizer, so you don’t end up throwing them in Ziploc or multiple jewel cases and have them take up space in your luggage or bag and it becomes tangle up.

Save yourself the headache and keep your jewels in tack and easy to pick out during your trip. Have your accessories all in one bag and able to keep separate with the rings band, necklace buckled strap, earrings panel, and zip pouch. No more accessories tangled!

9.  Travel Undergarments Bag- Find yourself cramming your undergarments into the luggage every time you travel?  Most people have and it actually takes up more space in your luggage then you think. A better way to keep those bras and underpants organized is having an undergarment bag, so your undergarments are packed neatly and not worry about it being squished.

10.  Travel Laundry Bags- You don’t want to find yourself mixing up clean and dirty clothes during and after your trip.  The best thing to have on hand is a convenience size laundry bag to throw your sweaty, smelly clothes into after a long day outing.

It’s sturdy, with a drawstring to keep the smell from attracting to your clean clothes or luggage. Take it to a washer and dryer before your trip is over but if you don’t have time, just pack it in your luggage until you get to a washer and dryer and the odor will be locked in the laundry bag.

This keeps the smelly away from your other clean clothes in your luggage, closet, room or where ever you are. Regular grocery plastic bags or shopping bags are not sturdy enough to lock in odor and doesn’t tie up very well, clothes may slip out and can cause odor in your luggage by the time you get to your next destination, so it’s convenient to have a travel laundry bag during your travels.


There are or will be times when we run into unexpected things happening during our stay or something we’ll need during our stay. Here’s the most common issues and why you need the most common gadgets when you travel to a Hotel, Airbnb, and Resort and any other places you might come across

*Loud Noises, can’t sleep, lazy or forgot to iron clothes, dry air in room, foreign outlets, limited outlet source, limited TV channels for shows or movies, no pack & play (for the little ones).

See below for a list of items you should always have to be prepared to keep your travels stress free.

Prepare for the Unexpected Stays

  • multiple outlet cube (all-in-one)
  • foreign electrical adapters
  • mini travel steamer
  • steam clip
  • mini travel humidifier
  • ear plugs
  • sleep mask
  • neck pillow
  • traveling pack and play (for the little ones)
  • amazon fire stick

*This will give you a better visual and ideas of the items above and why it’s great to have.

Best Travel Gadgets Accessories

“The Best Travel Gadgets and Accessories”

If you want to make your traveling easy and simple, I hope this site finds you well and convenient with simple tools for your travels. Start finding accessories that will help you organize your luggage for any travel needs. Search for small, convenient gadgets that’s versatile and simple to take along with you. I’m sure some of us ran into those packing or travel stays frustration at one point or another or may know someone who has and always looking for ways to make each trip simple.

Cheers to no more of those TSA luggage search anxiety for you and those stuffed up heavy luggage and on the way to being prepared for the unexpected happening during your stays!

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