Depending on when and where you are traveling to, you might run into the most unexpected things that can ruin your trip.  You may expect every hotel has such-and-such thing or such-and-such thing should not happen but really it can.  Many people have run into these tiny issues that do make their travels or hotel stays a little annoying.

Here are the most common items to take with you for your trip and why.  Saves you time and stress during your travels, so don’t leave without these!

Prepare for the Unexpected Stays

1. Multi Outlet Cube (w/ USB)-
Staying at a place where outlets are so limited can be a huge inconvenience for most people or traveling anywhere.  If you’re looking to charge or plug in multiple devices all in one area and only have one or two outlets, then yes it’s inconvenient to be plugging your devices scattered in other outlets you find around.

Having a multiple outlet cube with a USB part is the most convenient to have vs having an extension cord and tripping over the cord.

2. International Universal Travel Adapter-
You never know what type of outlets are in other countries or if you are traveling into the US from other countries.  There are many different types of outlets all over the world.  Be prepared and don’t forget to pack a foreign electrical adapter or converter, especially if you are traveling in and out the US.  They are a headache to find in stores sometimes, so better off to have it handy.

3. Mini Travel Steamer-
Is there an iron at every hotel or airbnb stay?  Well this could be a hit or miss when traveling but the best way is to be prepared, depends on where you are going.  You can’t go wrong with having a mini travel steamer that looks like a computer mouse but just a little bit bigger.  It fits in your luggage conveniently in case you come across some wrinkles when unpacking during your trip.

4. Steam Clip Multi Tool
Instead of you fighting with an iron, you should have a steam clip that’s a multi tool.  You can hang it in any shower types.  Just hang your shirt in the shower when you are taking a warm/ hot steamy shower and it’ll be ready the next morning for you, dried and unwrinkled.

The plus side of having a multi tool steam clip are using it as a phone stand, bottle opener, thread cutter, ruler and as a door hanger to hold your purse or jacket off public bathroom stalls.  Small convenient tool to carry around with you.

5. Mini Travel Humidifier-
Traveling so often and different hotel rooms can be hard to stay in and sleep through.  If you have bad allergies, sinus infections or dry skin.  This could be difficult at times and will make your traveling uncomfortable from time to time because of the dryness of the air in your hotel rooms or where ever you are staying at.

Don’t let this affect your health and have a mini travel humidifier that fits in your luggage on the go.

6. Ear Plugs-
Do you like to sleep with noise around you or no noise?  Most people want to sleep without any noise.  You don’t want to hear any kids running around down the hallway in a hotel, drunk loud guests walking by, neighbors talking loudly, screaming or their TV is on loud or your room is next to an elevator or ice machine which makes some loud noises at times.

There could be plenty of noise coming from somewhere and to save yourself the headache, be prepared as possible because it can be disturbing, so have those ear plugs on you.  You don’t want to be traveling and end up noticing a group of kids sports team at the same hotel or something.

7. Sleep Mask-
You may experience trouble sleeping when you travel.  People sometimes feel not adjusted to either the different time zones, different room, or light sensitivity when they travel away from home, from the comfort of their own bed or room. 
Having a good and comfortable sleep mask can really help.

Definitely be picky with the different materials that you are comfortable with wearing on your face and all the different types of sleep mask that can help you sleep better.

8. Neck Pillow-
Do you tend to fall asleep on the airplane and notice your neck starts hurting when you wake up?  Perhaps you may have fallen asleep and almost fell asleep on a stranger’s shoulder or on the plane’s window.  It’s hard to get comfortable on a plane when in a sitting position next to other strangers.

Save yourself the trouble and have a comfortable neck pillow to support your neck when you are traveling. No more nodding off or your head accidentally falling over on a stranger’s shoulder, and stop straining your neck from all of it.  Get yourself a neck pillow!

9. Traveling Pack and Play-
Don’t always assume there’s a pack and play at where you are traveling to, even if you requested the item!  Many hotels have pack and plays but they are limited, so if there’s a full capacity hotel, you might be out of luck.  First come, first serve, requests are not always guaranteed.

They might have a broken one or another child puked all over it the day of you are traveling in, so both the hotel and you are out of luck, which is a bummer and disappointing to you.Don’t get mad at the hotels, they do try their best to accommodate everyone’s requests but somethings are limited according to the supply and demand changes.

If you are traveling with a little one, definitely travel with a convenient size pack and play, that’s comfortable for your infant and your travels.  It’s better knowing you have your own pack and play that is for your little one and no one else’s little ones being in the same pack and play.

10. Amazon Fire Stick-
Having an Amazon Fire Stick while traveling is a must also but also depends if you will be spending time in the hotel room or airbnb place long enough that you will want to browse the TV channels.  Some places won’t have a lot of cable channels for you to browse through and could just be the basics.

If you are traveling with family, or on business where you are barely out most of the time, then of course you should have the Amazon Fire stick with you to keep yourself and everyone entertained, just in case.

To Stay Organized

Going beyond your original packing journey to make packing even simpler. Having convenient travel products will save you much space and stay more organized and easy to navigate around your luggage.

Here’s the best accessories that will help you for easy packing. 

  • baggage butler all-in-one or packing cubes
  • toiletry bag with hooks and pockets
  • jewelry bag organizer
  • electronic and cords bag organizer
  • travel shoe bag
  • travel laundry bag
  • undergarments bag organizer
  • travel passport wallet and documents organizer
  • makeup bag organizer

*This will give you a better visual and ideas of the items above and why it’s great to have.

Best Travel Packing Accessories


Having these basic gadgets and accessories, you can’t go wrong when traveling because you have almost everything you need in case you run into rare situations during your travels.  They are great travel essentials to start off with.


  1. Hi, this is a lovely blog on the best accessories for people who are travelling. I love the way u have talked about how to organize my stuff when i travel. That is even more essential than carrying the right stuff along.
    If u are not organized during travelling, it can lead to a lot of trouble.
    Great article.

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